Saving History

Winter Maintenance Work

Many of you may have noticed a transparent covering over the pilothouse and Texas Deck on the SS Nenana at Pioneer Park. We are pleased to announce that the Fairbanks North Star Borough is doing Winter Maintenance Repair Work on the boat to help protect the vessel from further weather deterioration.

Repairs to the gutters and downspouts have been completed deferring water off the boat that was causing significant damage. Repairs will still need to be made to decks, but this will stop future damage until those repairs can be completed.

The tenting around the Pilot House is in hopes of patching areas allowing water to drain into the boat’s interior. Unfortunately, temperatures may not allow this work to be completed before winter. The upper deck is being scraped and cleaned.

Temporary shoring has been put up for support under deteriorated edges for safety. We hope this will make the removal of snow off the decks possible this winter.

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