Jeannie Creamer-Dalton meet with the Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee at 7:00 AM this morning June 14, 2018, to speak with them about the SS Nenana. Patty Peirsol also attended the meeting with her.

Nenana on the yukon
River Boat Nenana

(She deserves a medal for being there at 7:00 AM!)

A few of the members are coming onboard to work with us. They offered some excellent ideas. Roger Burggraf mentioned that he has family members that worked on SS Nenana and that he would be happy to help with the project.

The representative of the Operators’ Union and president of a group representing all of the trades in Fairbanks offered to help. Apprentices programs might be available for work.

Since the ARR commissioned the SS Nenana and ran her for 22 years, they should be contacted for help and to find out if there are grants that could be accessed through the railroad.

We should consider having a booth at Pioneer Park on the 4th of July and during Golden Days.

The Chamber has a Golden Days website that we can use to advertise any events.

These were just a few of the ideas that were discussed at the meeting.

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